Disconnect main power supply before performing maintenance.

Lockout/tagout the spiral according to your company’s lockout/tagout before performing maintenance.


The Take – Up is the area of the spiral system where variations in belt length are accommodated or “taken up” and typically consists of the following parts, take up tower, take up motor, drive shaft, idler shafts, flag assembly, weight bar, take up warning sensor, take up sensor:




The Take – Up drive provides a positive belt pull. It applies tension to the belt for an effective interface between belt and cage and sets the belt speed and dwell time for the spiral conveyor. The spiral belt should be located approximately at the halfway point of the flag assembly under operation. Up and down travel within the flag assembly is expected. If the belt travel (up or down) becomes too excessive the Take – Up Warning Sensor will initiate a warning signal displaying on the HMI. If belt travel exceeds the warning level the Take – Sensor will fault and shut down the system.

Inspection and maintenance intervals

Time interval What to do?  
  • Daily
  • Check take up tower area is free of obstructions so the weight bar can move freely during up and down travel
  • Weekly
  • Check sensor are operational
  • Check take up motor is functional
  • Check load cell (if installed) is functional
  • Check drive sprocket teeth to belt engagement