Disconnect main power supply before performing maintenance.

Lockout/tagout the spiral according to your company’s lockout/tagout before performing maintenance.


The Belt Flip Direct Drive is an assembly which detects over tension and horizontal belt movement away from the spiral cage on a direct drive spiral belt and typically consists of the following parts, sensor, weighted cable, and mounts.


The Belt Flip Direct Drive monitors direct drive belts. A weighted cable hangs from top of spiral to the bottom of spiral. The weighted cable rests captivated to the sensor. If the spiral belt pushes away from the spiral cage the weighted cable disengages from the sensor sending a fault signal to the HMI screen, shutting the system off. Prior to a reset of the fault, inspect system for what caused the system fault.

Inspection and maintenance intervals


Time interval What to do?  
  • Daily
  • Check belt flip direct drive assembly is free of obstructions which can restrict its proper operation
  • Weekly
  • Check sensor is operational