The most advanced spiral conveyors in the industry

The most advanced spiral conveyors in the industry

We provide our customers with the


spiral conveyor systems in the market

As designers and manufacturers of automated spiral conveyor systems (freezer, proofer, cooler, dryer) for the food processing industry, with more than 25 years in business, G&F Systems would like the opportunity to discuss with you the advantages of an automated spiral conveyor system and how it can save you money.

G&F Systems will work with you to design and manufacture a customized automated spiral system to meet your production demands (both present and future), utilize your plant floor space (including plant height) and provide you with the necessary product orientation needed to expedite your packaging times.

An automated spiral conveyor system is one of the major keys to success. With automation you will incur less overhead costs, less human liability and complete optimization of over all floor space. All while decreasing your production costs and increasing your production volumes, hence, saving you money and making you money.

There is no company too large or too small to deploy the advantages of an automated spiral conveyor system. We have worked successfully with some of the world’s largest and smallest food processing companies, providing each with a competitive advantage over their competition who has yet to incorporate the benefits of automation.

From the initial contact through to the final leg of the installation process, G&F will be there with you through every step.




The Direct Drive System

The Direct Drive System offers multiple benefits compared to a conventional spiral system. These benefits include, product orientation improvements, system tension reduction, belt life increase and reduced maintenance and cleaning costs.

Please contact G&F Systems to learn more about The Direct Drive System benefits.


The Spiral Evolve was created to work with all existing production lines in your plant. Our custom configurations include In-Low / Out-Low and In-High / Out-High. Because there is no rotating cage, the Spiral Evolve can be configured in either round or oval designs and can be placed around a building column, maximizing plant floor space. With no cage to turn, there is less installation time, less energy consumption, and less cost compared to traditional spirals.

No cage or cage frame means there is no middle structure to clean and therefore it is more sanitary. With this system, there are 50% less bearings needed in, which means half the grease associated with these bearings. Finally, cleaning your Spiral Evolve will be much quicker and easier since the belt represents 85% of the entire design.

Please contact G&F Systems today to discuss the design advantages of our Spiral Evolve.