Auxiliary Conveyors

Automate your processing lines with G&F Systems. All of G&F’s equipment is precision engineered and constructed of the finest materials available to meet your specific requirements. G&F’s conveyors are modular designed and of bolted construction allowing you the option to relocate or reconfigure your production line.

Highlights of a
G&F System Conveyor

  • >Designed and built in modular sections
  • > “Smart designs”
  • >Flexibility
  • >Labor savings
  • >Adjustable legs
  • >Interface with control panel (new or existing)
  • >USDA approved
  • >Assembled and tested in factory
  • >Custom and or standard design
  • >CAD design
  • >Made in the USA
  • >Quality construction
  • >Stainless Steel and or Aluminum materials
  • >Easy to clean, low maintenance
  • >Cost effective

Styles and Sizes; Single or Variable Speed

  • >Variety of belt widths
  • >Product guides
  • >90 Degree turn
  • >Right angle transfer
  • >Fixed radius turn
  • >90 Degree power turn
  • >180 Degree power turn
  • >Mesh turn
  • >“Z” conveyor
  • >Multi-tiered
  • >Multi-tiered loading
  • >“S” turn
  • >Knife edge transfers
  • >Tangential infeed